Temperance periodicals

During the 18th – 19th century, there were many periodicals published in Great Britain and overseas, with some dedicated to the Temperance Movement.

My current research investigates these publications, and this part of the website will be updated over the course of my research.

Temperance periodicals

The periodicals below, included reports on the many temperance campaigns and efforts that the British Women (also known as Temperance Women), tried to influence to those who were in top positions (including Politicians, MP’s and the Clergy), and to campaign on the limiting the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Temperance periodicals were also produced by male temperance associations such as Temperance Bells, which was jointly run with the Derby Temperance Society and the National British Women’s Temperance Association.

Some of the periodicals that I am currently researching include:

Temperance Bells

The Woman’s Herald *

The Woman’s Signal *

The White Ribbon *

The British Woman’s Temperance Journal *

Wings *

Additional publications are also being researched including:

The Workman publication – which included snippets and temperance related stories

The Band of Hope Review and ‘children’s friend’ – aimed at a younger audience

Front cover of the Band of Hope Review 1855

Some of the above periodicals can be viewed online via the British Library (subscription required).

* A selection of early issues of the periodicals Wings, The White Ribbon, The Woman’s Herald and the Woman’s Signal can be viewed online on the archive pages of the White Ribbon Association. Further dates of these periodicals can be viewed by visiting in-person at the White Ribbon Association archives (Solihull near Birmingham) click here for external link. A future digitisation programme is currently in progress which is vital to preserving these fragile records.

Check back soon for further updates on temperance periodicals

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